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Our solutions for retail industry cover IT consulting,Customized system development to follow-up strategy planning.Help you stay closer to your customers' needs through more technology and data support.

Digital Workspace
  • Improve customer service
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Boost workforce productivity
  • Simplify IT management
Modernize Data Centers
  • Reduce CapEx
  • Grow revenue
  • Drive operational efficiency
IoT Management
  • Reduce Inventory Shrinkage
  • Optimize Merchandizing
  • Streamline Store Operations
Case Study


The client is a Taiwan multinational corporation with operations in a wide range of industries, including retail, skin care and e-commerce.
Client seek comprehensive solutions, including developing customer loyalty programs and automated operations management.

In the past, client relied on the professionalism and communication skills of the team to provide quality customer service to each of their companies. But now they have to provide highly personalized services to customers. This requires a unified client system that allows management to access all the data, but all the branches' customer data is stored separately, so the main challenge is to centralize the data.

There are two things to be resolved in this case:
1.Client needs a loyalty program to reward customers by purchase volume and frequency of consumption.
2.A convenient system for effective operational management.

Our Solutions

Our team focused on two jobs : personalized customer service, transparent and convenient management. These are what we do:

1. The new CRM system contains customer information (such as contact details, wish lists, orders). And information entered by the sales team (such as customer personality traits, behavioral characteristics, personal style).
2. Customize the platform according to client's requirements and solve the problem of collecting data from multiple sources


Client can access all the data on one CRM system. Customer data is centralized and daily processes are also automated. Customer service is upgraded to a higher level, marketing is more accurate , and reducing human error. Branch managers get instant analysis of customer management activities and allow teams to track all current goals and planned processes.


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